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As an Employer/Administrator you have your own access to hr360.

HR360 puts HR and benefits information at your fingertips. Included are:

  • An extensive online library of attorney approved HR compliance information
  • Labor Law Posters
  • HR tools and forms
  • Health Care Reform Updates
  • Guidance on Hiring, Managing and Terminating employees

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Welcome to our online resources. Use this convenient site to shop for individual insurance products, get free benefit comparisons and premium quotes, and buy the plan of your choice right from your computer or smart phone. Please note that we offer commercial individual insurance plans, but do not represent MNsure.  If you believe you might qualify for a subsidy or if you are considering products available only through MNsure, contact MNsure directly at:

NOTICE ABOUT OPEN ENROLLMENT PERIODS:  OPEN ENROLLMENT FOR INDIVIDUAL HEALTH INSURANCE POLICIES RUNS FROM NOVEMBER 1, 2017 THROUGH DECEMBER 20, 2017. Insurance purchased during the open enrollment period will be effective January 1, 2018. (MNsure will keep enrollment open from December 21 to January 14 for a February 1 effective date.  If you miss the December 20 deadline for commercial insurance, contact MNsure directly).

CAPACITY LIMITS: Insurance companies set a limit on the number of new enrollees they will accept during the open enrollment period.  Enroll early to avoid being shut out by the capacity limit.  If you are renewing coverage with your current insurer, the capacity limit will not apply to you, but you will need to select your plan for 2018  during the open enrollment period. You can enter your plan selections or changes through our website.

PREMIUM RATES MAY CHANGE: Minnesota filed for a 1332 Waiver (Reinsurance) back in April 2017. The Bill was passed in Minnesota, the Federal government has not given its final approval.The Reinsurance Program will subsidize the insurance carriers 80% for claims that exceed $50,000 up to $250,000. With the subsidy, the insurance carriers filed for lower rates then if they were assuming the entire claims costs without the subsidy. Our current rates factor in the Reinsurance Program; however those rates are subject to change should it fail to get passed. According to the carriers and those working closely to see this through, that sounds unlikely, but definitely something to be aware of. Note: Some carrier’s rates show a decrease for 2018, however keep in mind, the 25% premium subsidy will end on 12/31/17. Those who received the subsidy in 2017 may still see a rate increase with the subsidy going away next year.

SPECIAL ENROLLMENTS: Applications for individual health insurance through our website are generally limited to the Open Enrollment Period .  There are certain exceptions: If you have certain life changes – like having a baby, getting married or losing health coverage—you may qualify for a Special Enrollment Period.  You can use our quoting system to get an idea of health insurance costs, but if you believe you qualify for a Special Enrollment Period, please contact us before you submit an application.

If you have questions, please  Contact Us  to arrange for a telephone discussion with one of our specialists.



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If you need help paying for Health Insurance coverage, contact these resources:


Delta Dental offers a variety of dental plans for individuals and families. Get a free quote and order the plan you choose right from this site. Click on the logo above.


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Dental Select offers dental discount and insurance plans for individuals and families.  They also offer plans designed for Seniors age 55 and up.  To get a free quote or apply for coverage, click on the logo above.

Spirit Dental offers individual dental and vision plans. For a free quote and online enrollment, click on the Spirit Dental logo above.


NOTICE: The products and services included in the Resources For Individuals & Families are for Minnesota Residents only or, in the case of temporary insurance products, for Foreign Nationals who are temporarily visiting Minnesota and will be utilizing the product or service in Minnesota. If, as a result of contact through a link on this page, an insurer offers to sell a product to a non-Minnesota resident or visitor, it does so without the involvement of Affordable Benefit Solutions, Inc., and is subject to the insurance laws of the state or jurisdiction of residence of the person inquiring about or offering to purchase the product. Our Resident Agency License Number 20044540 is issue by the Minnesota Department of Commerce, 85 7th Place East, Suite 500, St. Paul MN 55101.


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